Product Characteristics

Weight back-up (remembers weight during black-outs)

200 times/ High spees A/D conversion speed of 1 second

External input: 2 contact point

External output: 3 contact point

Small size panel applied

Brith and clear LED display

Power used: DC 12-24V

Purpose: flatorm sacle, floor scale, patcher scale, checker scale

Model CI-1580A
Loadcell applied voltage DC 10V ( ± 5V)
Zero point calibration Range -0.6mV ~ 1.5mV
Input Sensitivity 0.3µV/D
Internal degradability 1/520.000 count (19bit)
Max/ signal input voltage 32mV
A/D Conversion speed 200 times/second
Display 6-digit LED
Power DC 12 ~ 24V
Temperature used -50C ~ 400C
Product Size (mm) 100 x 125 x 52 ( W x D x H)
External input 2
External output 3
Product Weight (kg) Approx 0.45
Interface Standard RS-232C
Option Analog out (V-out: 0 ~ 10V, I-out: 4-20mA) RS-422, RS 485