Product Characteristics

RFI/EMI shield


Can be connected to PC

External input:  4 contact point

External output:  4 contact point

Upper/lower value indication function

watchdog function (sysmtem recovery)

Weigh back-up (Remembers weight during black-outs)

Purpose: Explosion -proof platfrom scale, weighing explosive subtances, checker scale, ptacher scale.

Model EXP-5500
Loadcell applied voltage DC 10V
Input Sensitivity Above 1µV/D
Internal degradability 1/200.000
External  degradability 1/10.000
A/D Conversion speed 20 times/sec
Display Conversion speed 20 times/sec
Display 6 digit LED
Power AC 110/220V, 10W
Temperature used -100C ~ 400C
Product Size (mm) 324 x 148 x 218 ( W x D x H)
Product Weight (kg) Approx 12.3
Explosion grade Ex d IIB T4