Product Characteristics

Explosion proof

Front openning structure

Fast and accurate weighing performance

Variety of interfaces

Water proof IP 66

Model EXI – 200AD EXI – 600AD
Exp.Grade Ex d IIB+H2 T6 (Ex Td A21 T80  ~ 1200C IP 66)
Input Sensitivity 0.5µV/D (0.2µV/D) 0.5µV/D (0.3µV/D)
Ex. Voltage DC 5V
Loadcell conn BEA (350ohm)
Zero Adj. Range 0 mV/V ~ 2 mV/V
A/D SPS 320 times/sec 200 times/sec
Display 7 Segment 6 digits LED 4.3’’ Graphic LCD
IP Class IP 66
Communication Basic Spec RS-232C x 2EA
Option Analog out (V-out: 0 ~ 10V, I-out: 4-20mA)
BCD in/ out RS-422, RS 485
Ethernet BCD-OUT EXT I/: 2 inputs, 4 outputs RS 232C to USB
OUT EXT I/: 4 inputs, 6 outputs
OUT EXT I/: 6 inputs, 8 outputs